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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Less is More

Hi Gang. As you have probably noticed, I have been relatively MIA for the past couple of months. I am not falling into the "blogging is so last year" trap, rather I have some big news to share. Home-girl got a job! Yeah, you read correctly. I am going back into the workforce full-time or 100% any day now. You have to specify your percentage here because it is not unusual, particularly for females and younger folks, to work 40% or 80%.

I am not going to share with you my new company or role as I want to keep the blog and my professional life separate. I do however want to tell you that I will not shirk my blogging responsibilities but I may not be able to write as much. When I do share an adventure, an anecdote or some other thing that begins with an "a", I promise to make it so full of substance that you wished I wrote less earlier.

Wish me luck, no really...WISH ME LUCK. I want 50 comments telling me how awesome I am going to do and that I am going to knock 'em dead. I didn't really mean that less is more. I am American, remember?


SnacksGiving said...

You are gonna do awesome! Have a good time on the job!

Kristi said...

Thank you so much! I officially start this coming Monday and I am really looking forward to it.

Barbara Nigg said...

Whew hoooo! Congratulations! As they say here, "Gute Start"!

Brady said...

Can you at least tell us what industry?

Caitie said...

Congratulations! That's awesome news :-)

Susannah said...

I'm a little late, but CONGRATS! You'll be amazing at your new job, duh. Can't wait to hear about your big Mt. K hike!

Chris said...

Rawk! Hope the new gig is going well.

Web said...

Also a bit late, but I just discovered your blog. So, CONGRATS... and hope you are doing fantastic at your company.

Kathy said...

Congratulations! Maybe you could post a bit about how you managed to get a job? I've had a number of friends go through some pretty long searches here.

Jen said...

I'm late to this party, but... congrats! You will do awesome! And I know this, I used to work with you, ergo I'm an expert on the matter. Do you get to speak English?