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The Boy, 2 Muttleys and I have finally realized our dream of living 1 mile from the Lindt Chocolate Factory. Leaving Atlanta (the World of Coke) for Zurich (the World of Chocolate) hasn't come without challenges, incredible fun or giggles. Follow along as I chronicle our adventures as we acclimate to this new Swiss lifestyle.
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10 Facts About Kristi:

1. At age 34, I discovered that I like to write.  I am sure grammatically I have some issues...but I don't give a rat's ass.  I just hope you enjoy reading my ramblings as much as I enjoyed writing them.

2. I grew up in Rochester NY so snow doesn't scare me.  Rain on the other hand...

3. I majored in Psychology because I wanted to save the sad people, one couch at a time.

4. My hobbies include tennis, biking, writing, eating, cooking, watching sports, reading and being awesome.

5. I am afraid of heights, spiders, anything that slithers, a world without chocolate and taking medication.

6. I am not religious and I don't believe in a "God", but I do think something more than a few carbon and hydrogen molecules created us...I mean, something had to create something as awesome as me.

7. I am modest.

8. I love to laugh and I love to make others laugh...I am also not afraid to crash and burn when making a joke.  It is part of the experience.

9. If I could stand vomit, I would have gone to nursing or med school.  I am ok with blood and guts...just can't handle the spew.

10. I secretly love it when I get a new blog follower...so if you aren't following, then you are dead to me.  Hey, I am a Scorpio...I am vindictive and hold grudges.

The Boy will need to write his own list one day.  In the meantime, just know he is pretty swell and is the reason why we are here.