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Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'll Take my Nuts Extra Roasted Please

Heisse Maroni, aka "Hot Chestnuts", aka "Roasted Chestnuts" have become an obligatory subject on many a Swiss Expat Blog.  It is such a polarizing topic because you either love them or hate them. If you are an Expat and actually love them, then you may be accused of being one of those Expats who loves Switzerland so much that they blindly love anything it has to offer.

I had a lot of Heisse Maroni Angst last year because most people I knew who tried them for the first time, hated them.  They complained of weird texture and lack of taste.  It was because of these common complaints that I decided to pass by the cute wooden houses billowing smoke without offering up a glance, let alone buying a sack.

During the Spring of 2010, I focused my energy on working up the courage to try them as soon as they were available this Fall.  I am happy to report that not only did I try a hot sack of roasted chestnuts, I also loved them.  Strike that...I am PROUD to report that I loved them. Whoah...that was cathartic.  Admitting liking something that may make people gasp in horror has a way of liberating you.  And to all you naysayers out there, YES, I love Switzerland but I don't blindly love everything about it here.

I do have to admit, I can see their consistency being an issue for many.  They are sort of in between mushy and firm.  I also admit that I prefer the ones that have roasted the longest.  The extra smoky flavor really pushes the right buttons.  If you are like I once was and have "Heisse Maroni Angst", then it likely occupies all of your thoughts. I am afraid the only cure is to try one of these hot nuts.  Love them or hate them, at least you can go on living.      


Roosterruler said...

YES! You nailed it.
This blog post could not be any more perfect.

cprotz said...

LOL, I'll wait for your report about your first Vermicelle :-)

nknixon said...

Hmmm, You have inspired me to try them.

Kathy said...

Don't know if you ever tried that southern roadside fave, the boiled peanut. Now there's a texture you either love or hate!

Katherina said...

I love them too !!!! I even went to the Chestnut Festival held in October in Fully! BUt I must admit, I knew them already before coming to Switzerland... you can get them all over Spain too during Fall ;)

Kristi said...

I actually like the Vermicelle because I like my desserts to be on the "less sweet" side.

As for the boiled peanut, they have grown on me. At first I thought they tasted like tiny boiled potatoes. I couldn't understand why anyone would turn a perfectly good peanut to mush. Now I like them.

Thomas Mettler said...

Looking Delicious!!!

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